Growth focused workouts for forward thinking entrepreneurs.


Polaris Club Members meet monthly in a private lakeside clubhouse to dine, discover growth strategies, and bounce challenges and ideas off their peers and Polaris coach.  You'll build a great network of like-minded business owners, learn from others in your region who are 'getting it right', and importantly, have fun doing it. 


Point Your Bottom Line Due NOrth. Have fun doing it. 

We bring together entrepreneurs in complimentary but different sectors so you will be the only business of your type in your group.  Each session begins with us breaking bread together while your Polaris Coach delivers the 'workshop du jour', covering every conceivable topic, challenge, question and strategy you need to consider as you grow your business.  Then we throw it open to questions and move into a practical hands-on workout where you will gain insight, advice, ideas and strategy tips for your business from your peer group and coach.  

Workshops, Business Services, Coaching & Peer Support

Much more than just 'chalk and talk', Polaris Club coaching sessions focus your energies on the realities of implementing your ideas, in addition to doing all the things your business needs you to do in any given day.  Your Polaris coach has more than 20 years experience in this field, advising entrepreneurs in seven countries.  You benefit from our deep knowledge base of assembled workshops, hands on coaching and consulting methodologies that have been tried and proven with literally thousands of business owners worldwide.